The holidays can be a magical time of year, full of gatherings, spending time with loved ones, eating delicious things. But it can also add chaos to an already busy life… ammmmiright?!

mindsetKeeping any kind of consistency in your daily routine can become a challenge… but it’s not impossible. It’s a choice you get to make, and it comes down to your mindset.

Take a minute and think about your top 3 priorities in life. No, really… take a minute.

The things you make time for in your daily life are the things you are making a priority in your life. Being “too busy” for anything just means it’s not important enough to you to create time for it.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population in this country  are suffering from obesity, diabetes heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney disease. A lot of these issues are lifestyle related, and can be reversed by simple but consistent changes in our daily lives.

And it starts by making the choice to change.

You may find yourself joining a gym and then watching the domino effect it has on the rest of your life. Or getting more consistent with eating healthier and getting a full 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Whatever it is, the recipe to success is this:



CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Professional Musicians and performers are some types of high profile clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my healthcare career.  The one commonality with all the wildly successful people I work with is this: they create time to take care of themselves. This is no coincidence. Investing in your health truly is the secret to wealth.

This holiday season, resist the temptation to put your priorities on the sidelines. Find a balance and make time for the things you find important, and reap the benefits.

If you’re not sure where to start, how about HERE.