Have you decided (again) that this time is the time you’re going to get fit? Lose weight? Build muscle? If you feel like you’re doomed to stay in a cycle of attempting and failing, this article will give you easy steps you can start doing today to break that cycle and finally reach your goals.

But first, a bit about me… 15 years ago I was 60lbs overweight and unhappy. I was finally able to break my own cycle and have kept that weight off all these years, and I will share with you the exact steps I took to change my life.

Motivation is a great thing to help get the ball rolling, but what happens when it inevitably disappears? Our frustrations lead us to quit. There is a way we can bullet-proof ourselves from this frustration, making our success inevitable.


I will lay out a simple 3-step process in this article to help you create a plan to reach your goals. It will take some effort and time on your part to create that plan. That time will pass anyway, so you might as well get started now …right? Once you have a plan, it takes away any worry and anxiety you may have.  You never have to wonder again, “Am I doing this right? Will I actually reach my goal?” Once a plan is created, it’s just a matter of time that your goals will be reached. Consistent and persistent action will get you there.


Before anything happens, you must first decide that you really want to reach this goal. I can’t help you decide, you’ll have to do this first step on your own. But I can help clarify what a decision looks like: 

Let’s start with what NOT DECIDING to reach your goals looks like:

“I want to lose weight, so I finally joined a gym and kind of cleaned up my eating… but work is getting in the way and on the weekends I’m so tired …so I quit. I guess I’ll never lose those 20lbs.”

Because this person didn’t commit to their decision, they wasted their time and money as well as their coaches time.

This is what it looks like to DECIDE TO CHANGE:

“I’ve decided to lose 20lbs by Oct 1st, so I joined a gym. I set aside 4 hours a week in my schedule to take classes. I will track what I eat so that I can start to change my diet slowly over the next few months. I’m hoping after I reach this goal that I can start working on my next goal… training for the CrossFit Opens!”

Think about past commitments you’ve followed through on. You created a plan, budgeted your time and money, found a way to track your progress and had a support network in place. When your efforts are consistent, reaching your goal is inevitable! If you give up every time you hit an obstacle, then of course you’ll be stuck in the cycle forever. 

While this first step is simple and the most important, it can also be the hardest since it has to come from within you. Some obstacles are to be expected, like vacations, parties or getting sick. But you get back on track and stick to your plan.


Once you’ve decided you’re committed to your fitness, follow these 3 easy steps to create your plan to success:


Be specific. What exactly do you want? How will you know you’ve reached your goal? Let’s say you wanted weight loss. You would write down how much weight you’d want to lose. Give yourself a due date. How do you want to look? Is there a piece of clothing you’d want to fit into? The more detail, the better. At EDX, we have new members write down their goal on a community chalkboard to help hold them accountable.


When you set aside a budget, you will know exactly how to stay on track. You’ll find there are fewer obstacles in the way of achieving your goals. To budget your time, create a schedule. Know what days and times you plan to workout, then ADD IT TO YOUR CALENDAR. This makes gym time non-negotiable when scheduling other activities. When budgeting financially, it can be easiest to start by re-allocating your money. Instead of “making space” for a new bill in the budget, you can reallocate money spent on things that aren’t helping you work towards your goals. If you want to lose weight and find that you’re buying desserts, alcohol and eating out, you can put the money spent on those items towards a gym membership, new workout clothes or gear, which will help you reach your goals without spending anything extra.


“Measure what matters.” When you track your progress, you can see the progress you’re making. Not only will this do wonders for keeping you motivated, it will help you understand where you can start to fine-tune the process further down the line. It doesn’t matter what you track, as long as you’re consistent. Take progress photos, weigh yourself, track your nutrition or your workouts. At EDX, we give our members an app to help them track their progress. Just pick something and watch your progress!

Now that you have the tools, you can reach any fitness goal you set for yourself. If you’re interested in getting started a EDX, CLICK HERE to take the first step.