Staying on track with your health and fitness goals while traveling can be challenging already. Add to that the holidays, family dynamics, expectations and traditions and it can start to feel impossible. But it’s not!

I’m going to give you some tips & tricks to stay on point this Holiday season. The first thing you must acknowledge is your mindset.


If you don’t really prioritize exercise or eating healthy, then you won’t really try to make that happen, regardless of the holidays. So step one is to figure out your priorities. Your actions are always in line with your priorities. Instead of it feeling depriving to not eat those desserts, it becomes freeing that you are able to live the lifestyle that you chose for yourself. You’re in control!

Don’t take the “All-or-Nothing” approach. That is, “If I can’t get in a hard workout every day, then I’m not going to workout at all!” That’s self-defeating. Doing something is better than nothing.  Keeping being consistent and you’ll love the results.


Most people buy their plan tickets to travel for the holidays 4-8 weeks in advance. This means you were planning your trip even before you bought those tickets. You certainly have 30 min to plan your diet & exercise plan while on the road. Know what kind of restaurants are nearby. Know where the local gyms are. Make sure to pack your workout clothes and any vitamin supplements you may take. When you have those nearby, you’re far more likely to stay consistent with your routine. Take out the guesswork and plan for success.


If you’re like me, then your friends and family want to spend all their time catching up! I look forward to this time spent together, but I also cherish my time. It’s important to carve out in advance time for yourself over the holidays. This can be to get in a workout. It can be time to slow down, reflect and destress. The holidays are a time to rejuvenate and prepare for the year ahead. Here’s the KEY: Share this boundary with those around you. Tell those you’re visiting that you’ll need some time to yourself. When people know what to expect, they are far more willing to give you the space you need. Just let them know you’ll need an hour each morning to go for a jog and take a shower… or whatever it is you’ll be doing.


Just sharing your goals with someone makes you 65% likely to reach those goals. Having a partner to work with towards those goals with makes it 95% likely you’ll reach those goals. So enlist your friends and family to start making small changes that are in-line with your goals. That could mean bringing your own healthy dish to a dinner party. Or asking a sibling to go with you for a morning jog, walk, bike ride etc… Share with your family the health goals you’ve been working towards so that they know not to pressure you to eat more dessert than you actually wanted. Or maybe just share your experience with a friend who is on their own holiday travel adventures. Have an accounta-bil-a-buddy and you won’t feel so alone in your goals.


If you do your best and still get side-tracked just know that it’s OK. If you’re consistently eating well, exercising and taking good care of yourself then a temporary break won’t be so harmful. If not, there’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW. If you allow yourself to completely fall off the rails and don’t get back to your routine, then you have to re-visit step 1: your priorities. Aim to do your best, do damage control when possible (do you really need that 3rd cookie??) and take some time to enjoy.

The holidays are a magical time for us to come together, share gratitude, and reflect on what is important to us so that we can cultivate more of that in our lives. Your health is wealth, and it’s important to stoke your internal fire each day by breaking a sweat, fueling your body well, and fueling your spirit with good company.

-Coach Liliana

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