While it’s true that a lot of CrossFit boxes(or gym) share similar qualities, like how the gym looks and the style of workouts done, the only thing all boxes share is that they are all different. This is because each box is privately owned and run. And the differences are vast. Some are friendly, some are not. Some have top-notch coaches, some do not. So we can’t speak for all boxes, but only for how we do things here at EDX CrossFit.

1. They only flip tires and lift heavy weights. 

Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t have any tires for you to smash, flip or otherwise beat up on. In fact, tire flipping has a high injury rate if done with improper form. We think it’s not worth the risk. The great thing about fitness is that it can be customized to your needs. Not everyone needs to lift heavy, or lift much at all. At EDX, you have the choice of personal training, sport-specific training, Endurance, CrossFit and even injury rehab. There’s something for everyone, no matter your goals. Of course, if flipping tires is your thing you’re probably not reading this article anyway…

2.  You’ll get injured doing CrossFit.

This is just plain false. Of course, anytime you’re active there’s always a risk of injury or accident. When you workout using good form, no matter the exercise you minimize your chances of injury significantly. It’s usually a lack of recovery that leads to pain and injury. Recovery are things like stretching, resting, getting good nutrition and keeping stress levels low.  Lifestyle habits of being sedentary, using poor form and having poor posture will do the same. In fact, research shows that runners have one of the highest injury rate, with up to 79% of all runners each year getting injured to the point of forced time off. At EDX, we have a 0% injury rate and actually have a rehab program to help you heal from injuries that may come up outside the gym.

3. For the ladies: it’ll make you too bulky.

We hear this a lot. Women are fearful that if they start lifting weights that they’ll bulk up just like the professional CrossFitters they see on social media. But adding muscle to your frame takes a lot of hard work, and a long time to accomplish. It’s not impossible, but you have to be very dedicated to the process and it won’t just happen by accident. It’s true that it’s easier for men to add muscle since they have higher testosterone levels aiding them in this process. That means it’s even harder for their female counterparts to build muscle. What will happen when women start lifting heavier weights is that they’ll start to lose weight and tone up. That’s because building muscle helps burn fat, and gives you the definition you’re wanting to look good in that bikini.

4. Theres a lot of ego and a cult-like environment.

Every box is different, and unfortunately some boxes do allow members to act in ways that are uncouth. At EDX, the community is inclusive, and drama-free. That means everyone is there for the same reason: to better themselves and to support each other in achieving the same goal. That means everyone is welcome. We check our egos at the door and keep a “beginner’s mindset.” We value accountability, authenticity and grit:

  • Accountability: Holding yourself responsible for your actions and your outcomes
  • Authenticity: Being true to yourself and speaking your truth to others
  • Grit: Hard-working, having perseverance, and grinding through obstacles

5. You have to be fit already to start doing CrossFit.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but it can be done by anyone. At EDX, there are members as young as 5 years old and up to 78 years old. If CrossFit is something that interests you but you’ve never done it before, you’ll start in our beginner’s OnRamp program. A coach will work with you to teach you everything so that you’ll feel confident and ready to start your first class. Our group classes are tiered, meaning a Coach will show modifications for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. You’ll be taught how to get a great workout, without over (or under) doing things.

Besides CrossFit, EDX offers a variety of services like personal training, nutrition coaching, a massage clinic, and sport-specific training. The point is that if you’re wanting to reach a fitness goal and you’re struggling, joining a community that will give you a plan, guidance and accountability will help.

As Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

At this point, you might be interested in seeing what the hype is all about. Book a free intro with an EDX Coach and decide for yourself. Our coaches will chat with you about your goals, how we can help, and will create a plan of action to get you there.

– Coach Liliana