So there I was, running uphill on a trail as I do most days – panting, sweating, feeling alive! All of a sudden, a female runner sped past me going downhill. She was in her 50’s I would estimate, and appeared to be very fit. I will admit, her appearance contributed to that (for lack of a better word) judgement, but even more so, her tenacity for the sport and the composure she maintained in attacking that downhill. “Wow! So impressive.” If you didn’t already guess this, the next words to leave my mouth were, “I only hope to be as fit as her when I am her age.”

Just a few hours later, I stumbled upon this article on that transcends the very message I took home from the trail this morning – “Age is inevitable”…”Age is not a disease.” The article was written by a fellow CrossFit coach who took on her own mother as a client, after she was diagnosed with dementia.

The coach shared her troubles and triumphs from training such a client. You see, aging clients typically arrive to their coaches when inflexibility and mobility become too painful to bare. But, in this case, it was the clients’ mental inflexibility that served as the greater challenge for the coach. I, as a coach, find similar challenges with aging clients’ mental inflexibility.

The aches, pains, inability to complete a workout, squat below parallel – all of this can be augmented with a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change. It starts up top, in the mind. It is one small decision that engenders an initial behavior change. Healthy diet, positive outlook, stress-free life (more on stress in my next post!), quality sleep, some additional functional movement.

Age is inevitable, no one escapes it. How will you chose to approach the changes brought on by age? How will you flex your mind above it? Make the change today.

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