If you’re a member of EDX, you will have noticed a new addition to the class workouts: more strength!

To understand how this can help you in your workouts, you first have to understand the general  format for each CrossFit class.

Your Coach will first bring you through a warm up, which we call the “Balance.” This includes mobility and stability training to help prepare you for the workout and prevent and heal old aches and pains.

You’re now ready to start strength training in your “Build” section. This part of class always includes moving external load (for example: a front squat with a barbell) and also bodyweight movements to train your core. 

After you build, you’ll “Breathe.” This part of class is designed to get your heart rate up with High Intensity Interval Training. Your Coach will explain how to pace yourself and choose appropriate modifications. 

For your cool down, your Coach will lead you through the “Bend” section of class to help mobilize you appropriately. 

At this point, most people high-five and then go about their day. But WAIT… you have options!

The new Auxiliary Lift section of class is additional strength work that will help support the main strength work you did in the Build section of class. 

Why you would want to do this extra strength work:

  • Prevent injury by building stabilizing strength
  • Cross-train you so you can perform better at your outdoor sports
  • Get super buff by getting in extra strength work before or after class
  • Keep your workouts strength based (by replacing the “Breathe” section of class with the “Auxiliary Lift” section)

As your Coach at EDX, it’s our job to support your fitness journey – and all our journeys look different! The more training options we can provide, the better able we are to help you along your journey. And adding this new section to group training is only one way we do this.

In my next blog post, watch for tips on how to get stronger withOUT getting bulky.

If you’re looking to get to the next level in your fitness, book a free intro with an EDX Coach is see how we can help.