It seems like every other month there is a new boutique fitness studio or big box GLOBO Gym opening up around the corner. With the United States obesity epidemic continuing on the upswing, people are flocking to local fitness experts to get in-shape and lead healthier lives.

With such a saturated market, there is an increasing need for quality support and guidance from so-called fitness pros and “experts.” Many don’t realize this but your leaders in fitness are tasked with a significant responsibility. People come to us seeking help to lose a few pounds, to tone up and get their blood markers down to healthy ranges because modern day convenience has made it far too easy to develop a preventable auto-immune disease and the on-set of type II diabetes.

Do you turn to a GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR or a COACH to lead you to a healthier life and do you know the difference?

But Who do you trust?

Both a coach and a group fitness instructor can be found in the same environment. Its their presentation, delivery and ACTIONS (inside and outside the gym) that paint their true essence.

Group fitness instructor:

Ethos: “It’s just fitness, anything will work”

This individual looks the part. They appear fit, dress up to date in the latest fashions and could even swoon you with some of pop-fitness cultures catch phrases like “HIIT training, Tabata, HAM, paleo, plant-based, etc” You will almost always find a group fitness instructor leading large group classes (10 or more) yelling at people to go faster and go harder while they hand you little 5 pound weights for a workout that is perfectly choreographed to the tempo of the music. Many times they will even do the workout WITH the class for motivation. These individuals possess entry level credentials to lead large groups and are generally more than happy to just be handed a template to follow and a script to recite for their classes that day.


Ethos: “Its easy to train hard, its hard to train smart.” – Mark Twight


This leader is a chameleon. First and foremost, they respect you as an individual. They seek to meet you where you are presently at in your unique fitness journey. If you find a coach in a group class environment, they understand proper scaling of both movements and intensity in order to SAFELY challenge you. They understand your actions outside the gym have a great impact on your success inside the gym. A coach is in constant pursuit for more knowledge as they understand that no matter how much they have learned, they will never know enough. They refine their craft to be able to help YOU achieve YOUR goals rather than try to coral you with the others. A coach respects their trade, acts as a true professional and takes pride in helping others. They understand that pursuing better health and fitness is a battle worth fighting and will be ok with taking a stand on telling you something that you may need to hear, even though it may not be something you want to hear. Their credentials grow with the years they devote to improving others. They will not sell you on short cuts and quick fixes as they honor the long journey ahead.

It is easy to get caught up in fitness fads or dooped by successful marketing strategies and job titles. There are rare occasions that legit COACHES find their way into leading group fitness classes. What’s more common is finding a  GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR slide their way into boutique fitness coaching jobs like what happens at many CrossFit boxes. Having a title of Elite Coach, Head Coach or Master trainer is no different than the labeling of terrain difficulty at your local ski resort. It signifies that they may be the best of what is available in their specific studio. Spend some time doing research. Inquire about credentials and observe their coaching practices. Figure out what it is that YOU want to accomplish, then seek out the credible professionals that can safely guide you on your journey.

At EDX CrossFit we take PRIDE in guiding you on YOUR unique journey. We offer small group classes that challenge your mind and body to fulfill your physical potential as well as Individualized Exercise Program Design catered towards athletes with specific goals and training needs. Click => HERE to schedule a consult to find out how we can help you reach your fitness goals.

In health, happiness and FITNESS,

-Coach AG