The weekend has come and gone. Another Monday has arrived. How did you do last week?Did you live out your healthy lifestyle? Are you still on track towards your goals? Did you exceed your expectations or derail a bit?

When it comes to healthy lifestyle goals or really, any goals, awareness is the first step. So, whether today is day one, today is the day you get back on track, or today is just an opportunity to check in, I have got five questions to help you do so.

1. How much are you _______?

Is it the right amount to support your goals? Do you need to add a little more or a little less?

2. How are you _______?

What method are you using? Is it mindful an intentional?

3. Why are you _______?

What is your motivation for doing this? Does it align with your values?

4. What are you _______?

What are the details? Are you keeping track to see if your outcomes match your efforts?

5. Are you doing this consistently?

Consistency is key. We are what we repeatedly do.

Ok, your turn. Fill in the blanks above with a currently health lifestyle goal – think exercising, eating, sleeping, drinking water, sunning…go!

Questions? Ask me.

Coach Kari

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