How Many Coaches Do I Need?

There’s something you should know. We hire our own coaches. Yup, that’s right… we, too, hire coaches to help us get better. We thought the best way to kick this off is by sharing a story from one of our own mentors…


“All the best coaches have coaches.

I have a fitness coach, despite having over two decades of experience in fitness coaching. My fitness program costs over $300 per month. I don’t waste any time in the gym; I look forward to my workouts; and my mind is clear to do work afterward. It’s the best investment I can make in my health.

Measuring only one single variable: my functional threshold power was 187W in October of 2018. This is a metric that’s really only important to cyclists, but it’s a measure of how much work you can put out over a fixed time period. I could use my blood test metrics here too.

After taking the test in October, I hired a coach to make up my workouts, send them to me, track my progress and keep me accountable. In January, my FTP increased to 250W. That’s a massive increase. I’m not a professional cyclist, but I am now powerful enough to call myself a real student of cycling.

For comparison, I spent a glorious summer cycling every day. I rode 1-2.5 hours at least 4x every week. It was hard. My FTP only went up from around 160 to 187. With a coach, I got nearly 5x the improvement in a third of the time. Plus my workouts were FAR shorter, and my kids did them with me, and I wasted no time planning routes or searching for workouts online!

When you understand the power of a coach, you start to ask yourself, ‘Where ELSE can I find these shortcuts?’

‘Where ELSE can I go 8x faster?’

‘Where ELSE can I pay a bit of money to shave years of headache and heartbreak off my potential?’

How many coaches do I need? Every single one I can find.”

-Chris Cooper


To be brutally honest, you get what you pay for. I choose to pay a tax accountant to do my taxes because he’s the expert on it and will do a better job in less time than if I did it myself.

I could attempt to do my own taxes, but the amount of time I would have to invest to make sure I’m not making costly mistakes means that the risk (of making mistakes and owing money) versus the reward (saving a few bucks) isn’t worth it to me.

It’s the same with any industry. We have experts for a reason, and the money we pay them will usually give us back at least twice the value in what we spend.

At EDX, we choose to invest 10’s of thousands of dollars a year into our education and our business. That’s not a typo. But is it worth every penny? You bet.

The best part is that we get to trickle it all down to you at a fraction of the costs. You benefit from having great coaches, a great community, and a supportive environment to help you reach your best self.

Wondering what the next step is in your training? Ask a coach if one of our specialized programs is right for you!

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