Navigating through the fitness industry can be a daunting task. With social media comes an on-slot of misguided information. Professionals and enthusiasts alike project their biases onto you with the experience of what worked for them, not necessarily what will work for you. The million-dollar question to ask yourself is “How much fitness do I need?”

Whether you are specializing in a sport or doing this for the long game, generalized fitness is something we all need. General physical preparation, or “GPP” lays a solid foundation for you to take your fitness in any direction you wish, whether that is health, competition, aesthetics, or sports.

Strength, Movement Quality and Cardiovascular Endurance are the three main categories of physical development that we all seek.


Building a strong and capable body protects your bones and joints from overuse and injury. It develops awareness, coordination, confidence and resiliency. Your focus and ability to overcome challenging obstacles through resistance training is something that can be learned and developed.


Improving your flexibility and range of motion improves quality of life. You are inclined to move more when you are in less pain and physically uninhibited. A mentor once told me, “You are as young as your spine is mobile.” Physical freedom is the fountain of youth.


Cardiovascular Endurance provides the capacity to take care of your daily needs and enjoy the adventures life takes you on. Being able to breathe well through the abdomen rather than the chest lowers your heart rate and increases your ability to handle stress. This has a direct link to a lower risk of heart attack and heart disease. Easy cardiovascular exercise is therapeutic and creates mental clarity. Harder cardiovascular efforts are more efficient and improve your metabolism.

There is an art form to balancing strength created from weightlifting and gymnastics. A deep understanding of physiology is required to make lasting change to one’s movement quality. It takes knowledge, personal experience and finesse to properly develop one’s cardiovascular capacity. That’s why working with a coach who already has this understand will get you to where you want to be much, much quicker and with less headache.

At EDX CrossFit we seek to build all three categories of GPP evenly. We believe that your journey of fitness should exceed the end goal.

Progress your strength and mobility enough to avoid feeling pain. Build your cardio so that it never becomes a limiter. Push the boundaries of development as much as you feel necessary but not enough to lower your desire to train consistently. Consistency is KING.

Define your “X” and understand why being fit is important to you and your family. We encourage you to look for movements, activities and challenges that inspire you to pursue continual growth.  Fitness is not a destination but a journey we ebb and flow with.

Together we can build an unshakable foundation.

See you in the gym!

-Coach AG

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