We have received many requests to post a glossary that indexes the more common acronyms that EDX uses in the WOD program design. Give this list a breeze over and next time you get stumped with the day’s WOD prescription….there is a good chance that the movement will be somewhere below.

WARNING: SAVE THIS POST! Bookmark it, save it, print it, whatever you need to do to have it handy at all times!!! Doing so will save you time and speed up your progress in the gym!


TEMPO Prescription: Many movements will come with a tempo prescription. The adherence to the tempo prescription is paramount for two main reasons. First if allows the opportunity to groove a proper movement pattern by slowing down the speed of an exercise. This “slower” or controlled speed puts more emphasis on the eccentric phase of the muscle action, which has the potential to develop 3x the amount if strength compared to the concentric phase of the action. Second, putting controls on the movement creates a predictable outcome over the planned training period by promoting consistent and repeatable practice of the prescribed movements.

Tempo can be expressed in several different ways. Here are just a few examples:

20×1 30×1, 40×1, 2111, 3111,20×2, 2112, 50A1

Reading tempo:

2- time of eccentric phase in seconds

0 – time of pause between eccentric and concentric phase

eXplode – signifies the speed of the concentric

1- time of pause before start of next eccentric

*DO NOT read tempo as “down” phase or “up” phase. When muscles shorten (think bicep curl- brining hand to shoulder) it is referred to as the concentric phase. When muscles lengthen (bicep curl- lower hand away from shoulder) it is referred to as the eccentric phase.

The “A” (Seen in the third position of Tempo) represents an ASSIST to clear the concentric phase of a movement. It could be a kip to the top of a handstand push-up or pull-up. It could also simply mean to come off the wall and kick back up to the top of a handstand or even to set up a box to climb to the top of the chin-up bar.

Tempo on a push-up will start at a different position vs. tempo on a pull-up.

The push-up tempo will read from the start of the push-up (straight arm position) as the muscles lengthen and the body lowers to the ground.

Tempo on a pull-up will start once the chin clears the bar as the top-down phase is where the lat muscles begin the eccentric phase of the movement.


BS – Back Squat

FS – Front squat

AS – Air squat

SC – Full squat – clean

SS – Full squat – snatch

TC – Tall clean

TS – Tall snatch

Snatch – Either power or squat variation if this mvmt is written out in its entirety

Clean – Either power or squat variation if this mvmt is written out in its entirety

RFESS – Rear foot elevated split squat

FRWL – Front rack walking lunge

WL – walking lunge

BB lunge Back rack barbell lunge

DB WL – Dumbbell walking lunge

SC thrusters – Squat clean thruster

LBBS – Low bar backsquat

WB – wall ball


DL – Dead lift

PC Power clean

PS – Power snatch

GM – Good morning

RDL –Romanian deadlift

SDL – Sumo deadlift

GH back ext. – GHD back extension

GH sit up – Glute ham situp

GHR – Glute ham raise

KBS – Kettlebell Swing (Russian KB Swing unless designated otherwise)

KB – Kettlebell

CC-Continental clean Pd – pood

TTB -Toes to bar

KTE – Knee to elbow

S2S -Stone to shoulder

G2OH – Ground to overhead

MS – Muscle snatch

MC – Muscle clean

MB2S – Med ball to shoulder

CC – Continental clean

Pd – pood

TTB – Toes to bar KTE – Knee to elbow

S2S – Stone to shoulder

G2OH – Ground to overhead

MS – Muscle snatch

MC – Muscle clean

MB2S – Med ball to shoulder


CU – chin up (I will designate grip, if noted as chin up indicates pronated grip)

pro – pronated –palms out

sup – supinated – palms facing up

WCU – Weighted chin up

MU – Muscle up

Bar MU – Barmuscle up

Burpee MU – Burpee muscle up

CTB CU – Chest to bar chin up

COVP – Chin over vertical plane

RC – Rope climb

UR – Upright row


WW – Wall walk (reverse wall climb)

HSPU – Handstand push up

pHSPU – Paralette hang stand push up

dHSPU – Deficit hang stand push up

HRPU – Hand release push up

Press – Strict vertical press

PP – Push press

PJ – Push jerk

SJ – Split jerk

CGBP – Close grip bench press

DB chest press – Dumbbell chest press

SA DB press – Single arm DB press


FW – Farmer walk

SA OH DB carry – Single arm overhead dumbbell carry

WC – Waiter walk

TGU – Turkish get up

YW – Yoke walk

XC – Cross carry


VC – Versa climb

AD – Air dyne

AB – Assault bike

W – Watts

Cals – calories

rpm – revolutions per minute


BJ – Box jump

BBJ – Burpee box jump

NPUB – No push up burpee

NPUBBJ – No push up burpee box jump

BJSD – Box jump step down

DU – Double under


RTW – Round the world

BWT – Bodyweight

BTN – Behind the neck WG – Wide grip

FG – Fat grips

FR – Front rack

BB – Barbell

HR – Hand release

AxB – Axle bar

seg – segmented

hlt – halting

Tng – Touch n go

aer – Aerobic

wtd – Weighted

AMRAP– As many reps as possible

AMSAP – As many seconds as possible

AFRAP – As few reps as possible

AFAP – As fast as possible

Emom – Every minute on the minute sec – seconds

min – minute

RFT – rounds for time b/t – between

alt – Alternating

kg – Kilogram

+ – Rest as needed

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