Mindfulness  – What does it mean to be mindful? To practice this? Did you know your mind processes 50,000 thoughts per day? Let’s discuss further.
Mindfulness, according to Wikipedia, is a psychological process of bringing ones attention to experiences/thoughts happening in the current moment (Wikipedia – yes, everyone’s first source).
Did you know that the mind has no way of distinguishing what you imagine to happen versus what actually happens? What comes to mind for me is that last rep of back squats that you just envision standing all the way back up, and then boom it happens. So powerful.
Your mind is a powerhouse, it’s the Mitochondria of your life.

Practicing Mindfulness: 

I was listening to a podcast yesterday on the Good Life Project that broke down the two ways to practice mindfulness :
Open monitoring – opening up and noticing thoughts as they come up and practicing them fall away/ letting them go.
Focused attention- Focusing your attention on one sensation/anchor and then as your thoughts flow in to pull you away you focus back on that one thing.

Results of Practicing Mindfulness: 

  1. Emotional non reactivity – increase in ability to be non reactive to negative thought
  2. Increase in ability Willfully shift/focus attention
Our brain is so powerful. And practice will only help to ensure our powers are used for good. Take care of it. Try practicing mindfulness and see what it does for you. Share with me your experiences! I’d love to hear.

I’ve taken my mindfulness practice a step further by helping others with their mindfulness goals. So, in addition to coaching you in class each day, I have been meeting with several of you for goal setting sessions to understand what gets you into the gym or, for a lot of us, what stops you.

Want to know more? Let’s meet and build a foundation towards your goals together! Book a free intro session today.


– Coach Kari