In this article I’m going talk about my experience through weightlifting and how it can help you become stronger, more mobile, focus and aware.

The first time I started weightlifting was when I touched a barbell at 10 years old. My grandad had a little bench with some sand filled weights in his basement that my cousins and I would play with. None of us had any clue what we were doing but we liked to imagine that we were as strong as the pro wrestlers that we pretended to be.

I wouldn’t enter a weight room until I was a junior in high school when I took a weight lifting class. By the end of the semester I could feel that I was stronger but I had no idea how it all worked. In college I stayed away from the weights in the rec center because I was embarrassed by how weak I thought I was. It wasn’t until I joined the military that I would begin to lift weights with regularity.

As I began lifting more I focused on how to make myself stronger but I knew nothing about mobility, form, or healthy movement patterns. I worked really hard but I also ground myself into the dirt. I sat all day at work, and did nothing to correct the imbalances I developed. This could resulted in most likely  having your  back thrown out, having constantly sore shoulders, and generally terrible posture. I wasn’t able to fix these things on my own, and to my surprise, it wasn’t until after the military that I would find my fix.

I left the military in 2015 and was lost. At this point I knew I wanted fitness to be my life but I wasn’t sure how to make that happen. I researched, I began educating myself, and I tried a lot of new things. I had heard about the bad mouthing of CrossFit but realized I needed to find out for myself. My first workout had Clean & Jerks in it and they made me feel like a total badass. My second workout had overhead squats in it, and I couldn’t even squat the bar… I felt much less badass after that. I also knew I had something new to work on.

Since that day my favorite challenge has been olympic weightlifting. It has made me strong in ways I’d never even known, it has improved my mobility.  It has forced me to focus in new ways. I have become more connected to my body than ever before. I am more aware of how I am moving and feeling, and now I get the chance to share this passion on a daily basis. When I earned my certification as a USAW coach I opened an opportunity to myself. Now I have a reason to think about, research, read about, and practice olympic weightlifting all the time.

As a coach I get to insert something I love into my life every single day. I may never make it to the Olympics but now I get to help others improve their lives the same way I have. Hopefully you are all as excited as I am to be on your own journey.

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