“The way you do one thing is the way you do…everything.” Right? What’s your strategy for success? How much thought have you really put into this? Have you written down the steps to be successful? Are you frustrated with finding failure instead of success when planning out your goals?

Today, I will walk you through a few simple steps to identify successful strategies to reaching your goals. This concept is taught by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  As a certified NLP Coach, I invite you to read this article to identify your strategy of success. Then see if you can replace your unsuccessful strategy with a successful one.


A strategy is a sequence of actions we take, big and small, for success and failure. I am going to teach you how to break down a 2-3 step process to create your strategy of success.  Each step includes some type of sensory experience to attach to your actionable steps. This will increase your chance of success.

Here is an example: I am successful at going on my morning run.

  1. Look out my window and see the conditions outside – Sensory Experience is VISUAL
  2. Visualize myself running in these conditions – Sensory Experience is (again) VISUAL
  3. Put on my clothes and shoes, and wear them until it is time to go – Sensory Experience is KINESTHETIC

Thus, my successful strategy can be described as V,V, K. These acronyms stand for the sensory experience attached to each actionable step, making it easier to remember IN THE MOMENT.


Here’s how to determine a strategy that is oftentimes unsuccessful (or maybe has proven so in the past). I actually used this strategy while taking a CrossFit class at EDX just last week.

I was unsuccessful at cleaning 140 lbs., my one rep max!

  1. Looked at the barbell –Sensory Experience is VISUAL
  2. Told myself, “you got this Kari!” –Sensory Experience is AUDITORY (Self-Talk)
  3. Touched the barbell, set my feet, braced and pulled –Sensory Experience is KINESTHETIC

My strategy here, V, A, K proved unsuccessful. So, let’s replace this with a successful strategy for next time. Tell yourself, “I WILL:”

  1. Look at the barbell. –Sensory Experience is VISUAL
  2. Imagine myself the completing the lift successfully. –Sensory Experience is VISUAL
  3. Touch the barbell, get set, brace and pull! –Sensory Experience is KINESTHETIC


Are you ready to try this out for yourself? Go for it! Need my help?

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All for now!
Coach Kari