Setting Your Resolution with S.M.A.R.T. Goals

January 1 hits and it’s time to make the changes you have been yearning for. It’s a new year and time for a new you, right?


Let’s look back at 2017. How did those resolutions hold up? Did you hold true to what you promised yourself last January? Business Insider claims that 80% of resolutions fail by February and for the rest of the year, only 8% of people actually succeed in accomplishing their resolutions.


Knowing those numbers, it’s hard to even want to commit to something when understanding that the odds are stacked against you. Don’t forget that we all root for the underdog and EVERYONE is a sucker for a happy ending. The GOOD news is that EDX CrossFit has your back and we will help YOU reach your fitness and lifestyle goals!

Start Here!

We all have heard about the importance of goal setting and I’m sure most of us have at least seen the acronym S.M.A.R.T. goals. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, let’s go over S.M.A.R.T. goal setting together.



In order to truly be specific, you need to answer the 6 “W” questions

  1. Who – is involved
  2. What – do I want to accomplish
  3. Where – Identify a location
  4. When – Establish a Time Frame
  5. Which – Identify requirements and constraints
  6. Why – how will this improve your life


A typical example of a goal is “I want to start running in the new year”


A Specific goal would be “I will join EDX CrossFit and participate in the Ragnar Snowmass Relay race in June of 2018”


M – Measurable

You must set a goal specific enough to track your progress. This will allow you to create check points along the journey to make sure you are staying on track -or at least preventing you from taking too many detours.


Some good questions you can ask here to make a measurable goal are “how much” or “how many” and most importantly, “How will I know when I have accomplished this goal?”


A – Attainable


After we have decided what “moves us” and what we want to accomplish, the next step is aligning our lives and support networks to make our goal possible. Honestly, this can be one of the hardest parts. You need to declare your goal to the universe and make some hard decisions in order to truly accomplish your goal.


This step is where many people fall off. It’s easy to declare a goal. With a little research, it can be easy to create steps or hire the right people who can guide you to the holy lands of success.


It’s very difficult to take action. It’s very difficult to avoid or end relationships that hold us back. It’s very difficult to change behaviors and habits that are comfortable even though they are not serving us.


Once you align your lifestyle and support in the direction of your goals, you will find that you BELIVE you are WORTH the change and are ready to take on the challenges ahead.


R- Realistic


For your goal to be realistic, it must be something you are both WILLING and ABLE to accomplish. You must be WILLING to make the changes needed to accomplish your goal. You must be ABLE to put in the work needed to accomplish your goal.


I want to complete another Ironman but I am not WILLING to put in the work right now nor am I ABLE to afford 24 hours a week of training without my wife leaving my @ss sooooo that will just have to be a goal for a different year 😉




Finally, you must set a deadline to create a sense of urgency. 2018 has 12 months, 365 days and a whole bunch of opportunity to pull you off the tracks. Setting a “by when” date will help keep you on pace, encouraging you to make better decisions when the devil on your shoulder keeps whispering his sweat temptations.


To keep myself accountable, here is one of my Goals for 2018:


I will run the Quad Rock 50-mile Trail Ultra Marathon on May 12, 2018 in For Collins, CO with the time goal of breaking the 10-hour marker.


-To accomplish this, I will systematically build up my volume to run 5 days per week and average 40 miles / week in January, 50 miles / week in February, 60 miles / week March, 70 miles / week in April.

 -I will run a trail 5k or 10k time trial every 4 weeks to adjust my training paces.

 –I will decrease my alcohol intake to average less than 1 drink / day and prioritize adequate nutrition intake to support the training needed to successfully complete the distance.

 –I will research the event distance and reach out to local runners to gain insight and advice on how to plan my nutrition and support at the race’s aid station.


Hopefully this provided some clarity on how to set a goal that has meaning and brings value into your life. If you need help setting a S.M.A.R.T goal, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the team members at EDX CrossFit. We have your back and are ready to help you kick 2018 in the d*ck!

-Coach AG

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