Supporting the Journey of Self-Discovery Through Fitness.

And there you have it, that is EDX CrossFit’s Mission Statement.

It’s time to get clear, get specific, get down to the details, about what you really want when it comes to your fitness (schedule a goal-setting session with your EDX coach today!). And once you do become clear, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery.  You will identify your mental and physical limitations – like what really stops you from finishing that extra repetition? Where do you stop? Or furthermore, why do you stop? Even more so, you will uncover your motivating drivers – like what gets you out the door training on those early mornings? What gets you to push hard when you just don’t really feel like it? You will determine your purpose – like why am I doing this? What for? Who for? And if I don’t do this, will it even matter?

Now, here is a bit of anecdotal charm straight from the source…

What do I want? I want to be an Ultra Runner. Oh, I’m clear with the details – I want to run a 50-mile race in the mountains in the Summer of 2020. I see myself there and I know exactly what it will look like, sound like and feel like. Though short-lived thus far, my journey as a trail runner has invoked quite a bit of internal dialogue: “Can I do this? Am I able? Am I worthy?  I want this. I will prove I can do this, to myself and for myself.” I am powerful and committed. Wow, I just did that.” The countless runs, shitty conditions, days I just don’t want to but I do it anyways.

So, you are probably wondering, how my results are thus far? Astounding. I ran the Ragnar with Team EDX just a few weeks ago in Aspen and posted record mile times and blew every expectation out of the water. How did I do that?! I find myself offput by my level of commitment at times.

Yet, where I lack is self-care. I neglect to care for myself, and incorporate the necessary amount of rehabilitation and recovery for my physical body (an easy parallel to draw with my level of self-care for my mental body). So, what message does this send to myself? Am I worth it? Do I matter?

This fitness goal as opened my eyes to a plethora of new information about myself – like what I am really capable of, both physically and mentally. And still a year away from my goal, I know there is so much in my future that I have yet to uncover. I look forward to the journey. I am ready for it.

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