Achieve Your Fitness Potential

The EDX Team will get you to your next level of fitness.


How Doug got rid of his knee pain

Why Lindsey Thinks EDX CrossFit is Better Than Chocolate!

“CrossFit Cured My Heart!” – Shani

“I got 6 Pull-Ups Post-Partum!” – Amanda

“I kept training despite injury” -Chao

Giorgos K.

“Dear EDX Members, You’re about to meet a community that will make you become fitter, stronger, faster, and healthier – AND you’ll have the best time of your life throughout the process.”

Steve C.

“This gym is Top Notch. EDX has helped me to achieve fitness goals I didn’t think possible. If you don’t take advantage of this gym by joining, you’re missing out on a life changing experience.”

Amanda B.

“As a mother of 3, I always strive to be fit for myself & my kids. Since joining EDX, I’ve noticed rapid improvement in my physical fitness & mental well-being. I’m so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community! The owners have made this such a great place & for that I can’t say thank you enough!”

Guy B.

“EDX CrossFit will blow your expectations out of the water. You can look forward to carefully thought out programming with a focus on correct movement that will actually make you a much better overall athlete both inside and outside the gym.”

Gregor M.

“EDX is a killer gym. I’ve been a member since they opened and have had a blast. The coaches are great at scaling the workouts to make sure you get the most from it. The vibe is super friendly and relaxed. I’m stoked to have this in town!”

Tammy B.

“I’d been at another CrossFit gym for 4 years. Since attending EDX, I’ve gone from 1-2 pull-ups to 5-6. I am now even achieving weighted pull-ups…something I thought was impossible for me! I feel stronger, not just with my upper body, but with my lower body as well. The programming here is awesome and super focused on what I need. The coaches are great and extremely attentive to athletes’ needs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart EDX! You’re the best!!!”

Al Kavadlo – Author, Expert in Bodyweight Strength Training & Calisthenics

“Angelo Gala is an exceptional athlete and trainer. From kettlebells, to calisthenics, to Olympic lifting, to yoga, to triathlon, Angelo can do it all and coach you to do it, too!”

David M.

“I really want to give a shoutout to EDX. They put together a training program for me, and these are the results after 4 weeks. The programs have been fun, intelligently designed and really effective. If you are looking for a great coach, they’re the place.”

Mike Lee, Director of Coaching, OPEX Fitness

“Angelo’s passion for fitness, energy and enthusiasm creates the environment for individuals to see their innate potential and stay motivated to make lifelong changes. He truly is the definition of a coach.”

John N.

“EDX has changed my life and I mean that! I feel like I have my body back on so many different levels! Before EDX, I was really struggling with my fitness and even just feeling good. I realize now that even rolling over in bed was getting hard. Now, I feel SO MUCH better and I’m ready to keep going. THANK YOU EDX!”

Owen Bernstein – 2016 CrossFit Games Athlete

“Angelo’s a great coach and an even better friend, and has helped guide me toward being the athlete I want to be.”

Achieve Your Fitness Potential

The EDX Team will get you to your next level of fitness.