The Benefits of Fat (It Doesn’t Make You Fat!)

Ever hear that fat makes you fat – wrong! There are several proven benefits of adding fat to our diet.

There are two types of fats in food – unsaturated and saturated fat. Unsaturated fat, commonly known as the “healthy fat,” is found in oils, nuts, seeds, fish, etc. It is extremely important that we eat lots of unsaturated fats because they contain Omega-3s and Omega-6s and we cannot produce them on our own. These Omegas are “essential fatty acids” and rightfully so! They help to prevent disease, keep our hearts healthy and ease inflammation.While saturated fat is notorious for being the “unhealthy fat,”  studies, such as this one, prove unsaturated fat is just as beneficial.

Fat is essential to our diet. Fat protects our cells by thickening the cell membrane, helps transport nutrients around our body such as Vitamin A and D and gives us energy!

Now, carbohydrates are great for energy too – fruit, vegetables, bread, grains, rice, etc. But here is the thing, carbohydrates are used for energy and that’s it. If unused, carbs store as fat. Conversely, and another of the benefits of fat, is that the excess fat from your diet is used to protect your cells and transport nutrients. Fat does not make you fat!

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Decrease the carbs and increase the fat. Ready to add some fat to your diet? Get started with an EDX Coach today.


-Coach Kari

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