The Every Day Nutrition Program is uniquely designed to guide you toward a healthy lifestyle.

In fact,  that is exactly what we will do in the first three weeks of the program. In the first seminar, we will answer the question: What is a healthy lifestyle? From there, we will define the factors specifically and then we will track them. As your coach, we will monitor your tracking, and we will continue monitoring and tracking until we are consistent and compliant as a team.

Did you know that less than 5% of adults report a healthy lifestyle? “Healthy” is defined as sleeping eight hours each night, keeping stress levels down, eating 3-5 meals, getting about 10-20 minutes of sunlight and participating in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

An unhealthy lifestyle disrupts life, and even more so, is dangerous. I experienced this first-hand…

So there I was in yoga class. Big deep breath in, followed by a long slow exhale…OW!

It hurt to breathe. What did I do ? Why do I feel pain?

Fast forward through an evening spent back and forth between a foam roller and lacrosse ball to the next morning at EDX Bodyworks, only to find out my shoulders were so tight that my rib popped out of place. Woah! Scary.

It wasn’t until I was lying on the table being given that diagnosis that I realized…I have got to slow down!

Lifestyle check: I’ve been moving fast lately – too fast. My sleep has reduced to seven hours per night, on average. I am working (and stressing) a ton. I am squeezing in workouts and running when I can. Meal prep is now a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. And now, my body is screaming(figuratively)…”This is not sustainable!”

It’s time to dial it in: master the basics, and practice them consistently.

After all,  success breeds more success. The Every Day Nutrition Program is designed to ensure you don’t fall off the wagon and you create a routine that becomes habit, which then becomes a lifestyle.

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Looking forward to leading you all (alongside Coach T) toward good health!

-Coach Kari

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