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The first step to see if EDX CrossFit is the right atmosphere for you is to come see for yourself. Our community welcomes all fitness levels. CrossFit is a great way to build your fitness for general health or specific sports/athletic training. You’ll meet new friends and have the best time doing it.

Amanda B.

“As a mother of 3, I always strive to be fit for myself & my kids. Since joining EDX, I’ve noticed rapid improvement in my physical fitness & mental well-being. I’m so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community! The owners have made this such a great place & for that I can’t say thank you enough!”

Guy B.

“EDX CrossFit will blow your expectations out of the water. You can look forward to carefully thought out programming with a focus on correct movement that will actually make you a much better overall athlete both inside and outside the gym.”

Giorgos K.

“Dear EDX Members, You’re about to meet a community that will make you become fitter, stronger, faster, and healthier – AND you’ll have the best time of your life throughout the process.”

Gregor M.

“EDX is a killer gym. I’ve been a member since they opened and have had a blast. The coaches are great at scaling the workouts to make sure you get the most from it. The vibe is super friendly and relaxed. I’m stoked to have this in town!”

Steve C.

“This gym is Top Notch. EDX has helped me to achieve fitness goals I didn’t think possible. If you don’t take advantage of this gym by joining, you’re missing out on a life changing experience.”

Owen B.

““Angelo’s a great coach and an even better friend, and has helped guide me toward being the athlete I want to be.”


All you need to bring is yourself. We have everything else you will need already at the gym. The only thing we ask is that you come with an open mind & a positive attitude. Listen to your coach, and be coachable.

No, CrossFit is for EVERYONE. Every workout is designed to be scaled to each individuals needs, from beginner to advanced. You’ll be alongside people who will become the best of friends you’ve made in years In time, your fitness level will rise to beyond what you had imagined.

For those wanting more 1-on-1 attention, ask about our Personal Training Option.

You will be brought through a full workout in a 60-minute class. The workout is different every day. Your coach will walk you through the whole thing, cueing on proper technique and pacing strategy. You don’t have to being anything to class except a positive attitude.
If this is your first time doing CrossFit, then expect to be a bit sore post-workout. This is a normal and common response after doing something NEW. This goes away after a few weeks of your body adapting. To help decrease any soreness, we recommend that you move as much as possible. Go for a walk, bike ride or hike. Staying active will help, and sitting, standing and being still will definitely make you feel worse.
Yes, you can but it’s not necessary. Each class will have a 15-minute warm up designed to prepare your body for the upcoming workout. If you’re early for class, you’re welcome to use any of the equipment to get warm or practice skills.
Yes. Our bodies were designed to move, so move as much as possible. The workouts are designed so that you can come every day, if you chose, make consistent progress, and not burn yourself out. Keep in mind that the harder you train, the more recovery you need – so be sure to get enough sleep, proper nutrition, water, etc.
Yes. All members from any affiliate who have an active membership for the past 3 consecutive months are welcome to drop into class. If you’re new to CrossFit, then the Free Trial Classes are the best fit for you. You can sign up online, or please arrive 10-15 minutes before class to get set up.


Small Group Training

  • Unlimited group training with access to over 35 classes per week
  • Personal workout tracking app
  • Designated Kids Area. Shower facility with towel service
  • Discounted sports therapy treatments
  • Small class sizes to give you the best coaching
  • Periodized, results driven workouts

Individualized Programming

  • Custom Workouts
  • Local & Remote Coaching, available anywhere in the world
  • Access your training plans from any device 24/7
  • World class coaching with regular check-ins to help keep you on track
  • Nutrition & lifestyle coaching to get you to your goals
  • Supervised open gym access (local athletes only)


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!