While living in an Intentional Community on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2011, I learned the true meaning of community.

We were dependent on each other for our mental, physical and financial well-being. We shared resources like water, electricity, shelter and food. We helped raise each others kids. We cooked for each other. We supported each other, and listened to each other when times were tough. Celebrated together in times of joy.

With the Coronavirus forcing almost all businesses to shut down or (at least) change how they’re functioning, our work lives have shifted. Our personal lives are affected with the quarantine. It will get worse before it gets better. I’m not going to blindly say that you’ll be OK. Nobody knows what will happen. That’s what makes this difficult to cope with.

Planning for the future can seem impossible when dealing with uncertainty. We all strive to make progress in our lives, and now that possibility has become foggy.

There is an upside to dealing with uncertainty: it forces you to stay in the moment. The past is already done. The future is uncertain. All we have is the moment we’re in. I’ve been focusing on what I can control: this moment right now. For me it means more working out, getting outside, making home cooked meals, having quality conversations with friends and family, and rest.

You’ll probably feel the urge to “buffer” your emotions, masking the painful emotions with over-eating, over-drinking & over-indulging. This will make you spiral downward if you keep that up. It’s not easy, my friends, but choosing to feel your emotions and staying in the moment with them is exactly what will progress you forward.

When I hear the voice that says, “I don’t want to…” I’m choosing to replace it with an action that is productive. That could be doing a workout, cleaning the house, journaling, taking the dogs for a walk. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I don’t allow myself to wallow in negative thoughts for too long.

In order to deal with our emotions, we need support to stay in the moment and stay optimistic. This is hard work. Having a community to help you deal with the darkness will pull you through the tough times.

Our EDX family have supported each other in this adjustment period.

  • Members were able to sign-out equipment from the gym
  • Classes have moved online
  • In-person weekly outdoor workouts (kept to groups of 5) are scheduled each week
  • Daily emails with support and information are sent
  • Nutrition challenges are underway
  • Access to the members-only facebook group provides support and connection to the community

It was hard for me to close up our gym, even if only temporarily. It was a place full of people laughing, smiling and working together. Now, empty and dark. But it’s not the heart and soul of our community. That lies within the bonds between our members.

This will change us. And we get to chose if it changes us for the better or for worse.

This community has already pooled our resources together, leaned on each other and will help pull each other through this tough time. We may stumble, but we will not fall. Together, we lift each other up. That is community.

In health,

Coach Liliana

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