Have you been thinking about starting a new workout routine? Whether you’re ready to begin your journey into working out, or are looking to break through to the next level of fitness, it’s hard to navigate what to do when every fitness “expert” has a different idea on how you should be eating and training.

And CrossFit is supposed to be “hardcore,” right? Wrong… Every CrossFit facility varies in their coaching, programming, community, and expertise. At EDX CrossFit, we teach quality over quantity. We coach members into understanding the various paths to reach their goals, and then help them get there.

To help unveil the mystery of what it’s like to join a CrossFit gym, I would like to share with you one EDX member’s story about her first 100-days in the gym. Faith started at EDX CrossFit after just graduating high school, with a lot of uncertainty about what comes next. From day 1, Faith came into the gym with a “can-do” attitude, and has been consistently showing up. She started as a total beginner, never having done CrossFit before. Walking into the gym was a bit scary… so how did Faith fall in love with working out? Read more about her story below…

Faith, why did you chose to join EDX?
1. I joined because when I was younger I hated working out and about freshmen year of high school I started going to a gym and lost weight and fell in love with fitness and everything about it. I’ve done kickboxing and other forms of training but I found this and thought I’d try it, and fell in love with it!
You caught the bug 😉 What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?
2. My biggest accomplishment was either push pressing 95lbs, running a mile for the first time, or being able to do only 3-4 calories on the bike before stopping to holding a pace the entire time.
That’s great… sounds like you’ve been pushing yourself and feeling proud about it. What are you working on now?
3.  Right now I’m working on breathing and being able to pace myself with everything to be able to go longer.
That’ll help you build a solid foundation of fitness, for sure. What’s your favorite EDX memory up until now?
4. My favorite memory was right after running a mile we had to do front squats and everyone in that class was cheering me on and hyping me up …and it was just really cool to experience that.
That’s awesome! Nothing’s better than a community of people who lift you up. What motivates you to continue training at EDX?
5. The trainers and are amazing and super encouraging. But the one thing that motivates me more than anything to keep going are the people and the community, they were so welcoming when I joined and everyone encourages and supports each other. It just makes you wanna keep going back and training it’s really awesome!
Thanks Faith for sharing your story with us. Keep training!
If you’re curious about getting started, book a free 1-on-1 intro session to get any questions answered.