WOD 11.02.17

I have noticed many of us struggle to remove our feet from the ground when extending through the last pull phase in the olympic clean. When we force ourselves to stay grounded, we end up completing the work needed to get the bar to our shoulders by extending forcefully through our lower backs. I can only emphasize so much that this faulty pattern is NOT ideal and will eventually lead to excessive tightness / strain of the lower back musculature.

GOOD NEWS is that today we are working a drill that will encourage us to follow through with our leg teaching us to drive more with our legs and less with our back.

See you on the flip as this workout surely will be a TON of fun!!

– Coach AG


3 sets:


Bent over Row x 12 @ 3112


Tall Clean – Build to a tough set of 5


12 min AMRAP:


5 Hang Power Cleans (65% build)

5 Front Squats rest :30

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